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This ensemble has started with a bang! On June 9, the Des Moines Gamer Symphony Orchestra held its inaugural concert featuring full orchestrations of ten iconic songs from video games. Over fifty instrumentalists performed for hundreds of enthusiastic listeners. Planning is already underway for our next performance!
You can view the full concert on YouTube here.
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The Des Moines Gamer Symphony Orchestra is recruiting! Join members of this rising ensemble in playing the mystical, comical, and epic pieces that inspire gaming greatness. Click the link below to register.



Video game music orchestras have blasted onto the scene in only a little more than a decade. Having performed with two similar ensembles in the Washington metropolitan area, the founder of the Des Moines Gamer Symphony Orchestra wants to bring this shared passion to Des Moines to celebrate these amazing songs and inspire all listeners to a lifelong love of music. This ensemble will be a hub for musicians and video game music enthusiasts dedicated to performing powerful and unique concerts of this breakout genre.
Listen now to our inaugural concert! 
Watch our interview on KCCI News Channel 8!
Watch our interview on KCWI Iowa Live! 

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Donations to our organization will expand our ability to perform more concerts and reach wider audiences through space rental, advertising, programs, and more.

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